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CFTE has developed a suite of messaging materials to help talk about public transportation issues. You can request access to view any of the documents below. If you would like help talking about an issue that isn’t listed below, let us know and we are happy to help.

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Safety and Public Transportation

Define safety in terms of the community’s values and priorities: public transportation is a safe, healthy and equitable means of getting people where they need to be and helps achieve economic prosperity for your community. Messages should be rooted in values – community; shared safety, even if you personally don’t ride, your community still benefits; and even economic prosperity.

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Ridership varies from place to place and even varies between modalities, but areas that invest in transit see positive results. When public transit is starved critical updates and funding, it falls short of demand. Over the past decade, ridership has enjoyed an upward trajectory and is one of many ways in which we assess the impact of public transportation on our communities.

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Get the Facts About Public Transportation

Public transportation enjoys widespread support even from those who don’t use it. In fact, voters chose transit 82% of the time at the ballot box in 2018, and historically support public transportation ballot measures more than 70% of the time. Public transportation is critical to any regions infrastructure needs, even in an ever-growing, mixed-transit economy. Public transportation reduces congestion, facilitates economic development, gives access to opportunities, and reduces pollution.

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Standing Up For Public Transportation

This document helps answer more challenging questions facing public transportation and includes the latest research and messaging suggestions.

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Talking Points: Coronavirus and Investing Public Transit

This document helps guide communities who are asking for more investment in their transit systems while Americans self-isolate to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

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