Mission of CFTE

The Center for Transportation Excellence (CFTE) is a clearinghouse for information in support of quality transportation choices. CFTE is committed to two main objectives: (1) defending the merits of transit and (2) equipping local leaders with the information they need to be successful with their public transportation initiatives and ballot measures.

How Does CFTE Accomplish its Mission?

The Center for Transportation Excellence delivers the message of sensible transportation choice by:

  • Creating case studies that illustrate the power of effective public transportation
  • Developing “tool kits” that aid local leaders in communicating the benefits of their programs
  • Maintaining an interactive website that provides clear information on effective public transportation development
  • Reaching out to media sources with the arguments in support of sensible transportation choice
  • Mobilizing in response to media coverage of the opposition with Letters to the Editor, Op/Ed submissions, editorial board meetings, etc.
  • Tracking legislative efforts and ballot measures and reporting on the outcomes and trends

Why is CFTE Necessary?

Now more than ever, as state governments struggle with massive budget deficits, and communities suffer under burgeoning traffic, support for sensible transportation solutions is in peril. Opponents using erroneous arguments and fomenting fear are eroding the great strides made over the past decade. Supporters of balanced, practical transportation development look to CFTE for assistance with:

  • Distributing information that proves the effectiveness of public transportation
  • Engaging the opposition wherever and whenever they appear
  • Coaching community leaders in techniques for engaging the opposition in their own communities.